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작성일 : 03-12-12 02:13
2004 동경모터쇼 못본 사람을 위해
 글쓴이 : 백철준
조회 : 2,227  

Proportionally innovative with a very long wheelbase for its overall length, the HSC’s exterior design is also notable for it’s prominent use of concave surfaces that visually lighten its form. As the bonnet surface meets the front wing there is a concave surface that bleeds into the A-pillar, a theme repeated similarly at the rear of the car. More noticeably is the way the upper wing surface flips gently from convex to concave as it flows rearward and down into the door, before flipping back to convex as it rounds the rear wheel arch.

Talking to exterior designer Toshinobu Minami and interior designer Makoto Yamashita about the HSC it was hard to glean anything about what might be carried through to the production NSX replacement due soon, but lets hope its most of the HSC, with the possible exception of the fussy rear lamp graphics.

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백철준 03-12-12 02:16
  동경 모터쇼는 컨셉트카의 향연이라고 하는군요. 위 링크에 들어가서 다른 차량 사진도 보세요.
백철준 03-12-12 02:21
  위 사진은 혼다의 NSX 후속 모델이 될 수 있는 HSC컨셉트카인데 C필러를 보면 특이하게 생겼네요. 나머지 부분은 페라니 모데나랑 비슷하고... 뒷모습은 정말 쇘인데.....
03형균 03-12-12 11:08
  저는 앞모습에서 자꾸만 Lamborghini Gallardo가 생각나는군요;;
김지현99 03-12-12 12:02
  앞모습은 페라리 모데나랑 렉서스ES를 섞어놓은거 같은데요...
프론트 범퍼에 있는 에어덕트는 완전히 모데나랑 같은데...^^;
藝De 03-12-12 16:42
  왠지 Enzo 필이 나는군....
임정욱 03-12-13 02:38
  그러게... 페라리랑 많이 닮았네...  페라리에서 나왔다고 해도 믿겠다..